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Item no. 項目 Fleet no. 車隊編號 Mark 車牌 Brand Model 牌子/型號 Yr. of Manuf. 出廠年份 Chassis no. 底盤號碼 Engine no. 引擎號碼
1 3351 KS1615 Dennis Trident 2001 SFD235ER31GTC1380 35046846
2 3352 KS3556 Dennis Trident 2002 SFD235ER32GTC1381 35045513
3 3353 KS4408 Dennis Trident 2002 SFD235ER32GTC1382 35046843
4 3354 KS5331 Dennis Trident 2002 SFD235ER32GTC1383 35046574
Terms and Conditions 條款:
1. Right of the Company 本公司之權益
(a) In principle, the Company shall sell the Buses to the highest price bidders respectively but the Company has still the exclusive right to award the items in accordance with whatever bases.
(b) The Company has absolute right to accept or reject any offer submitted and to withdraw selling any of Buses or even to cancel the exercise before announcement of the result. The Company shall not be accountable to any party in relation to this exercise, including the bidders and their agents.
(c) Buses shall be sold and released in “as is” condition. The Company shall not guarantee the conditions of Buses for sale and shall provide no warranty and/or after-sale-services thereof.
(d) The Company provides no driving-trial of the Buses and shall not accept of such request.
(a) 本公司基本上以「價高者得」形式配售每部予以競投之巴士;惟本公司仍然保留獨有權利,根據任何依據配售項目。
(b) 本公司保留絕對權利接受或拒絕任何標書,亦有權於未公佈競投結果前取消發售任何項目甚至取消整個競投活動。本公司毋須向任何與本競投活動有關之單位負責,包括各競投者及其代理。

(c) 巴士一律以「現況出售」。本公司對所出售之巴士性能,既不作出任何保證,亦不會有任何售後跟進或保養服務。
(d) 本公司恕不設試車服務,亦不接受任何試車要求。 ... TLNWFB.pdf


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